Old Mission
Founded 1804
Capuchin Franciscan
Santa Inés
Solvang, California
Sacred Heart Sisters
Mission Santa Inés

WEEKLY Mass Schedule

Daily Mass 
Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM English

Saturday Vigil
5:00 PM - English
7:00 PM - Spanish & livestream

Sunday Masses
8:00 AM - English
  9:30 AM - English & livestream
11:00 AM - Bilingual
12:30 PM - Spanish

Adoration Chapel/Capilla de Adoración
Monday thru Friday, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Lunes a Viernes, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

USCCB Daily Mass Readings

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Weekly Message from our Pastor, Fr. Michael Ronayne

Jesus is a Good Shepherd. He feeds the multitudes who hunger for His word and sends His disciples off to rest. He too is exhausted, but He sacrifices himself to feed and care for others.
Our world invites us to sacrifice others to meet our wants and needs. Jesus tells us that we are joined to Him by baptism, prayer, sacraments, the Word, the Church, etc. He sacrifices Himself for us. He also sends us to serve and sacrifice for others.
We all have people who look at us, listen to us, look up to us, etc. Maybe they are children, siblings, neighbors, coworkers, spouses, etc. They need our prayers, good counsel, and good example. The need us to put our wants to one side for them. If we refuse to be good shepherds, the consequences are grave.
Let us be good members of the Jesus' flock, and good shepherds of those who follow after us.  

Fr. Mike Ronayne




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Daily Readings

Reconciliation *

The Sacrament of Reconciliation*

3pm - 5pm

Back of Church

* Confession

Blessed Sacrament Adoration & Benediction

3rd Thursday of each month
7:00 PM in the church

Pope Francis' Intentions for July

For Pastoral Care of the Sick - 
We pray that the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is conferred to those who receive it and their loved
ones the power of the Lord and become ever more a visible sign of compassion and hope for all.
Read Pope Francis' monthly reflection...

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This year, we celebrate our solidarity during the Together in Mission 2023 "Shine His Light" Annual Appeal and unite as a family of faith to raise vital funds for struggling parishes and schools during our 250th Year Jubliee of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 


Your tremendous generosity will continue to provide essential resources that enrich parish life, strengthen families and communities, and inspire and educate future generations at 64 parishes and 75 schools. 

 Please remember to designate our parish, Old Mission Santa Ines, when making a donation or pledge. Thank you! Fr. Michael