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Easter Sunday - Domingo de Pascua

Easter Sunday is the celebration of the resurection of Jesus Christ and begins to resounding Alleluia's and He is Risen!

The season of Easter signifies the time that Jesus was on earth after his crucifixion. Easter begins with the resurection of Jesus and ends with the celebration of Pentecost or the day that Jesus ascended into heaven to be with the Father. Each Sunday until Pentecost Sunday is referred to as Easter Sunday with a number indicating the week. For example, the Fourth Sunday of Easter.

At Old Mission Santa Inés, Easter is celebrated with an outdoor sunrise Mass that begins in the dark and finishes after the sun rises. Those who attend have reported that on clear mornings, the sun rises just as Communion is concluding. This past Easter, as a musician was singing "The Old Rugged Cross", the sun rose. At all Easter Sunday Masses, baptism is renewed and remembered as the priest goes through the crowd and sprinkles Holy Water. The Gloria song is sung for the first time since Lent began and Alleluia is again part of the mass celebration. In the Hispanic community mass, white flags are distributed for the audience to wave during the Procession. The Hispanic community mass also has a live performance of the gospel message where Jesus' empty tomb is discovered.

Below are videos of our Easter celebrations this year.

Easter Sunrise Mass                  



Easter Sunday at Old Mission Santa Inés



Domingo de Pascua Parroquia Antigua Misión de Santa Inés