Old Mission
Founded 1804
Capuchin Franciscan
Santa Inés
Solvang, California
Sacred Heart Sisters
Mission Santa Inés

Grupo De Oración Of Mission Santa Inés


The Grupo De Oración or Hispanic Prayer Group of Old Mission Santa Inés, has over 10 years serving the community in many different ways, guided by God's Love, Hope our dear Lord Jesus and the fire and strength of the Spirit Santo and led by the hand of Our Blessed Mother Mary.

Its beginnings date back to 2005 when a small group of people felt the need to pray in community, being together in precensia God and praise and give all Honor and Glory to God. With hard work and perseverance, they began to work and the January 11, 2005 the first withdrawal is lived. This small group grew slowly and with the support of sacedote, was formally established in the month of April of 2006 Later another retreat called "New Life" and apart from that retreat was experienced, this group feels called to evangelize and then begin to organize to bring the Word of God to all people. Since then, they started with this great mission and go ahead thanks to God. For now has over 40 members committed to serving our Blessed Mother Catholic Church, especialmete our community of the Mission Santa Inés.

Branches Ministries

The Prayer Group has 4 branches of ministries to carry out the mission encomenda by our Lord.

Go therefore and make Disciples of all nations "
Matthew 28:19

1 L to School De Santa Inés Evangelization prayer group,

  The first branch of the group is the School of Evangelization. This has its focus on bringing people to have a personal encounter with the living Christ, Risen and Glorified, that so they can live a life with God, serving and loving our Holy Mother Catholic Church.

  Carrying out this mission through SPIRITUAL RETREATS, GROWTH AND FAITH FORMATION. The meetings vary, but are usually on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00 pm in Room C.


2 Assembly Of Prayer

The second branch is the Assembly of Prayer. The purpose of this branch is the Prayer Group alimetando follow this encounter with our Lord Jesus, through the Prayer in community reading Palabre God, Praise, the Blessed, EXPOSURE, Masses for Healing and Spiritual Growth topics offered by various guests.

And just be together as a community and pray to our Lord feeding the Spirit to bear fruit in abundance. The assembly meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm in the church.


3 Choir: Voices Of Praise

The third branch is the worship ministry, which has delivered more than 15 members to praise God during events organized by the Prayer Group and the Parish, such as retreats, Prayer meeting and Mass.

Praise is a big part of the spirituality of the group, because it is a way to glorify and enter into God's presence. They meet on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm to practice in the garden room and participate in the Thursday prayer meeting Thursday at 7:00 pm in the church.

4 Intercession

The fourth branch of the Prayer Group Ministries is the Ministry of Intercession. This ministry is the foundation and backbone of the entire group and all its activities. It is the basis for the "the biggest battles are won, bending knee." This branch is dedicated to pray for all the needs of the community. Starting with our Church, priests and especially the activities of the prayer group and their needs. His prayer is for God's mercy Crying and asking the Lord that there will be roads, so hablande hearts to bring more souls to the feet of our Lord Jesus. They meet on Mondays at 7:00 pm in Room A.

For more information or group information about some of its activities, contact the General Coordinator, Jesus Rangel, by phone:
(805) 598-1992