Old Mission
Founded 1804
Capuchin Franciscan
Santa Inés
Solvang, California
Sacred Heart Sisters
Mission Santa Inés

Our Parish - One Body in Christ

Our Mission Statement:  
We the people of Old Mission Santa Inés, following the path of Jesus Christ, 
are making His vision a reality through love, unity, justice, joy and hope.

Parishoners of Old Mission Santa Inés strive to faithfully practice the values and ideals in our mission statement by serving others in many missions and ministries inside and outside the parish and by our daily actions. Our parish is a rich mix of gender, age, ethnic origin, language, cultural, socio-economic, marriage status and other diversities that enriches all of us and makes us a unique parish of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Since the founding of the mission, Masses have been celebrated in multiple languages.  Today's Masses are celebrated in English and Spanish and most Holy Day and other celebrations are bilingual.

Since our church is a national historical landmark registered with the National Park Service and we are located in a popular tourist destination town, we welcome many visitors from around the state, country and world to worship with us at mass. Our diversity makes Old Mission Santa Inés a special place of worship to practice our Catholic faith and share the light of Christ with many.

We are blessed to have Father Robert Barbato as our pastor and Father James Johnson as our Associate Pastor.  As Capuchin priests, they bring their unique spiritual gifts and inspiration to our parish.  They are from different background, experiences and years as a priest.  They serve our parish with spirit, vigor and strength that only comes from a Holy Spirit inspired understanding and love of their faith and people.  Each mass, they deliver divine inspired messages full of love, unity, justice, joy and hope that are inspirational and renewing to many. Deacon Anselmo Aguirre assists Fr. Brendan in the Hispanic masses and ministry.

Our Religious Education program is blessed and strengthened with the service of three nuns from the Sisters of the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart  Sister Carmen Acosta serves as the director of Religious Education for children, youth and young adults.  Sister Lucia Tu serves as coordinator of Adult Sacramental Preparation and R.C.I.A.as well as Eagles Wings and infant baptisms. 

On September 17, 2014, the parish of Old Mission Santa Inés celebrated 210 years since the founding of the mission with a Founders Day mass. The celebration began at 7:00 PM in the Old Mission Church celebrating the "Mass of Santa Inés" sung in Latin, English and Spanish for the first time at the mission. The entire Santa Ynez valley community was invited to join us for this joyful celebration of our cultural heritage. The celebration continued with a reception in the Parish Hall following the celebration mass.